does the ad widget work network wide

I am looking for a ad system that will let me display a select amount of ads network wide. So the advertiser will have the options of pages or areas they can choose from.

So I guess my question in another way is. if I network activate the ad's Widget plugin will the widget work network wide or do I have to copy the ad to every site to get it to work right.

I am looking for an automated ad system.
Its the ads widget I just dont have it installed yet.

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  • cry1978
    • The Incredible Code Injector

    There is a plugin here called ultimate branding that will let you advertise google adsense and whatever you want in all sites network wide.

    Get the ultimate branding and network activate it in super admin network, activating it in super admin network makes it run the way it should.

    Under the header tab, footer tab ( users can see ads in there dashboards or on main sub site) is where you place ads at and make sure you have it in text mode not visual. If you place ads in visual mode you may just see code and not the ad.

    also, go to the widgets tab in the ultimate branding plugin, you can see there is custom content. Do not check this box, instead go to admin dashboard(regular not super) and place a google ad there too.

    Hope you understand, if not just let me know.

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