Does the membership plugin have an option for free as well as the paid option for members?

I have a site that requires a user to login and/or register. I am using mulisite. I see there is a membership plugin here at Dev and my question is can this plugin be setup for free as well as paid? For example: If I have classifieds, people can have classifieds for free, or if I have events, events can be posted for free? Does this plugin offer a range of options as to being free, paid, or even a trial? At my site I have many things that don't require a membership, but placing a classified or placing an event are two plugins at this time that will require registering and/or a login for accountability. I posted a problem yesterday that was taking the user to a wordpress login in page if the user entered the wrong information. I was hopefully that using a plugin of this type would resolve not only this problem but create the option for a paid membership in different areas at my site at a later time.

Thank you

  • Patrick

    Hey there @Huckleberry Press

    I hope you are having a great day!

    The answer is yes. With Membership, you can create any number of access levels with pretty much any access rules you need. Then add those access levels to subscription plans that you can set as free or paid. Even add successive access levels where the first one is free (a trial period) then moves on to a paid level when the 1st one expires.

    Here's an example setup for a free trial subscription:

    - 1st access level is set to Finite and 10 days, and restricts access to page "A"
    - 2nd access level in the same subscription is set to Serial and 30 days, but has no restriction on page "A"

    A user who subscribes to that subscription would get access to basic content on your site for free for a period of 10 days. After that, they are prompted to renew their subscription at a cost of $x.xx to gain access to more content.

  • Huckleberry Press

    Hi Patrick,
    Thanks for your response and hope you are having a great day!

    One of the problems I am attempting to alleviate is a great problem with user getting routed to the profile/dashboard page. It usually happens after a mistake made at sign up or logging back in to their account. From what I was seeing using this plugin would also resolve this issue too. On some further research I'm not sure as it will?

    I like everything that you shared with me on this plugin, but will it resolve this issue too. I have seen posts saying use WP Block Admin as one example to stop this but don't know if they are effective or even work on multisite.

    What is you input on this problem?

    Thank you very much

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