Does this always need to be done manually?

Hi there,

I am just moving my site to a VPS with a dedicated IP (CentOS/Cpanel)...

I thought maybe wrongly that if I had a dedicated IP address I would no longer have to manually 'park' domains that clients wished to map, that they could just set their A records to point to the dedicated IP, add the domain using the plugin interface and that would be it...

I dont have a problem with the plugin working, (I have wildcard domains set up and once a domain is 'parked' everything works fine) just that I was hoping to make it fully automatic

But my hosting support says that I will always have to do something manually my end, either by adding the domain with an a record or by 'parking' it...

Is this true?

If so what would be really handy is some kind of notification system so I could be told when a customer has added their domain, so I can do the back end stuff (if the site admin has access to WHM they can 'Tweak' settings so that Allow Remote Domains and Allow unregistered domains can be set to ON and that way they can park the domain even if it hasn't propagated) , and also some notification for the customer that shows them when their domain has propagated and can be 'switched on'- since at the moment if you switch domain validadtion off and the user adds a domain that has not propagated they cannot access their front end, and if you have validation on then users always wonder why it doesn't work straight away.

So it would be great if the user could add an invalid domain (that hasn't propagated yet), but the plugin does not activate it if its invalid. Instead when the user is logged in to the back end, the plugin checks if any pending invalid domains are now valid, and if they are the plugin shows a message asking the user if they would like to activate it?

in fact the client validity notification would be a great addition to this plugin regardless of whether the backend stuff can happen automatically or not :slight_smile: