Does this work for a non MU site? I have a few clients that

Does this work for a non MU site? I have a few clients that I would like to serve ads too but each client has their own hosting account with their own WordPress install.


  • mbeneteau


    I haven't heard of such plugin or its availability.

    I was using Mangewp plugin, which does somewhat of the same stuffs you have mentioned here, But beside showing ads, Mangewp helps to mange other WordPress sites where the plugin is installed.

    Let me explain you what Manage WP does:
    - Managewp is a platform which provide service to manage all of your WordPress site from a single dashboard.
    - To activate it , you need to install the managewp plugin in all of your sites which you want to manage from a single dashboard.
    - And after you activate the plugin you have to add your site to the managewp dashboard and then you can control all of your site from a single dashboard.

    In my view you should look for a plugin developer, who can do this work for you, And maybe it will cost you some sort of money. You can use WpmuDev Jobs, Freelancer, Odesk, to get a plugin developer to get your work done.

    Let me know if this is helpful to you.