does this work with pro sites levels?

Hi, does this work with the pro sites plugin, thinking of the levels feature?


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    Hi @carpconnect,

    Im sorry no, Membership and Pro Sites don't integrate together. While it is possible to use them at the same time, I really wouldn't advise it as you would end up with multiple payment areas, each giving different access, and it could be very confusing to users.

    However, Pro Sites already has levels built in. Is there something level related you were looking to do? Let me know, maybe I could make a recommendation based on what you're trying to accomplish.

    Thanks for being a WPMU DEV member. Let us know if we can be of any further assistance.
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  • carpconnect
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    I am looking for way to monetize network once it is launched.

    I have for levels

    ad free
    pro 1
    pro 2

    free will have ads on
    ad free and above will have option to remove ads

    I had wanted to have an option for ad free and above to user ad revenue sharing, each level having a different sharing percentage.

    I could even allow free account to do revenue sharing with a low percentage.

    This does not look to be possible with currently available plugins.

    I now thinking of just using the pro site levels ad feature.

    The down side is that there is no way for pro 1 and pro 2 user to be able have their own ads displayed in posts!

    I can't find a plugin which will allow this, it would need to have filtering of bad ad code.


  • Alexander
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    Hey @carpconnect,

    Looks like you posted this under the "Membership" section, which doesn't handle ads at all.

    The only plugin we have for revenue sharing with ads it Ad Sharing. But in your other support question we've already established this wouldn't work for you. It's now a feature request, which I actually mentioned the feature request to the developer so he can take a look.

    I do have one other idea. What about using separate advertising plugins? You could use the Pro Sites "premium plugins" module to setup a different ad plugin to use on the higher levels.

    So ad sharing could be setup by default, but the higher levels could use another plugin. You could even give them access to In Post Ads, so they could have extra options.

    Best regards

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