Doesn't like Vantage theme, but works with another theme, Point

I just setup a new multisite, just in the testing stages and I wanted to use a theme named "vantage", bought the pro version but its pretty basic.

I used it for a template with New Blog Templates but when I create a site it doesn't copy the pages or menu?

So I used another site with a different theme, "Point" for the template and then my new sites are created correctly.

So should I just forget about using the "Vantage" theme, maybe its just going to be incompatible or too much work getting it to function correctly?

Or is there possibly some easy quick fixes?

The site is here: and I did grant support.
In new blog templates the the current default template "default" doesn't work.
Switch to the other I have, "default2" and that template works.

I can just use a different theme for the template, just curious.