Domain is mapping to wrong website

Hi there

Firstly the website that I have installed the domain mapping plugin on which is a wordpress multisite.

I have installed and set up the domain mapping plugin. I created a test site called I then have an old domain on my account called REVIEWEDFASTLANECOMMISSION.COM

I tried to map that REVIEWEDFASTLANECOMMISSION.COM domain to just to test the plugin.

I added my IP address to the domain mapping plugin and changed the "A" record of REVIEWEDFASTLANECOMMISSION.COM to that IP address.

The problem is that instead of REVIEWEDFASTLANECOMMISSION.COM showing the page it shows the webpage of the "primary" domain of my hostgator cPanel account.

So the primary domain on my hostgator cPanel is which was the first domain I ever bought so that is why it is the primary domain on my hostgator cPanel account. This is the webpage that the REVIEWEDFASTLANECOMMISSION.COM is showing instead of

Now is a subdomain on my hosgator account. How do I go about mapping any domain to my sites?

Kind regards