Domain is unavailable to access - GoDaddy Domain - Hostgator Hosting

This is my first try with Domain Mapping. I have a Multisite installation in a sub folder of my shared web server's root directory. I have created A records for both and that point to the static IP for my HostGator account using GoDaddy nameservers. sharvangraphics is working fine, but when I try to map using your plugin from the sub-site dashboard I get a Domain is unavailable to access error. In addition, I have created wildcard subdomains through CPanel at HostGator, they are not redirected to anything - not sure if those are right at all and a parked domain for that redirects to The end result being that when I enter I get the correct site, but the url changes to rather than because its not going through the domain mapping plugin correctly. I am very confused at this point any assistance you can give would be appreciated