Domain Mapping

Install Plugin - Check
Network Activate - Check
Add IP address to settings - Check
Domain entered by the user - check
Move sunrise.php to wp-content - check
Add define( 'SUNRISE', 'on' ); to wp-config.php - check
Park domain - check
Add ip address as 'A' record - check
Go to EDITED FOR CONTENT and add EDITED FOR CONTENT to the domain mapping - check
Wait for domain to resolve - check
Go to - double un-check

It's redirecting to the root install, this is setup on rackspace cloud. I have this particular site stup as /home/MYDIR/public_html/

EDITED FOR CONTENT points to that root directory, we have Networking setup as subdomain.

Wildcards are allowed on the DNS

URL is EDITED FOR CONTENT, it works until we add the to the mapping module, Admin still works, front-end breaks due to redirect.

I saw in a post one of your support mates was stating it could be an .htaccess issue, but didn't clarify what. Any help would be appreciated, we are supposed to demo this to the client in about 3 hours. Hope we can get it resolved, i can supply login credentials if needed.