Domain Mapping, 301 redirect www to non-www, necc?

I've been reading that for search engines and page rank it may be necc to do a 301 redirect of a to id is your primary url.

Since domain mapping and/or MS strips the www from the url do you know if this is necc or if something in the plugin already managed it? When I type in it directs to I tried adding a 301 redirect to my .htaccess file but it actually caused to error out instead of redirecting like it had been.

  • aecnu

    Greetings jzvestor,

    A 301 redirect is primarily used when a site is moved permanently. To in fact notify the search engines that the site has been moved permanently to the new URL whatever it may be.

    When registering a domain a person only registers a etc. but not a www.

    In the DNS to your hosting the CNames are added to your domain including www, but it is for the humans because it is tells to them www but in fact to the search engines and computers it does not mean anything and can actually cause a search engine to think you are submitting duplicate content i.e. and - in which will normally come out on top.

    WWW is archaic and was used in the beginning of the internet to designate World Wide Web, but it is no longer necessary to tell someone www when it is obvious that when you give a .com we are in fact talking about the internet i.e. world wide web

    I hope this explanation makes sense to you :slight_smile:

    When I type in it directs to

    Perfect. Now as you told above if your domains are already resolving to, which is the MultiSite way for the primary domain, then there is no need for any action and to search engines you are good to go and do not use a 301 redirect, it will certainly mess things up.

    If you would really like to know about your web site relative to SEO, then let me know and I will inform you of things that are truly SEO and not a single one will deal with www. There are much more important things going on in SEO and the newest would be page speed and the most important and always has been is good content.

    Cheers, Joe

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