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i have read up a bit and am confused what is the best way to setup domain mapping for multisite

here is an example. how do i setup a multisite so that i can share content using multisite copier etc. im further confused how to do prosite. my idea is to allow members to have access to other sites depending on their paid membership and even free membership. the themes will be different. so how do i setup the sites? do i need to have another domain just to put all wordpress files in ? i want to be able to create hundred of blogs using your plugin but they are all having their own domain names. can you please send me visually how i can do this with your plugins?

example of 1 type of multisite

example of another type of domain site

  • elliot


    just to let you know ive read through the blogs and and want to know how i should be setting up these plugins to work together

  • Adam Czajczyk

    Hello elliot

    I hope you're well today and thank you for your question!

    The basic thing to start with would be to choose your main domain (let's say it's "") that will be your Multisite domain and the address of the main site. It would be best to setup wild-card DNS for it and once you get that up you'd want to setup a standard Multisite sub-domain based install. Take a look at our Ultimate Guide to Multisite here, please:

    You might also be interested in this free Multisite Masterclass in our Academy:

    Both these resources will help you understand better how multisite works and show you how to set it up and manage it.

    That's the first step. This alone would let you create sites on the Multisite install and - if you only enable it in WP settings - let visitors create their own sites. However, you might now want to allow free but also paid sites and that's where our Pro Sites plugin comes in handy. The installation is pretty straightforward but there are some important aspects after the plugin is installed and network-enabled:

    1. You will need to configure your payment gateway of choice there; the most popular are PayPal and Stripe

    2. Then you go to "Pro Sites -> Levels" and create some levels (packages) there; these are just names and prices of the packages so that's quite easy but you will want to do this.

    3. Finally, once you got Levels created, you will want to make different plugins/themes available with different packages. That can be done with Pro Sites "Premium Themes" and "Premium Plugins/Premium Plugins Manager" modules. You need to make sure that themes and plugins that you want to manage this way are not network-enabled and then within this Pro Sites' modules you can set for which levels those themes and plugins are available.

    At this point a visitor can go to your site and go to signup, he/she will then be taken to Pro Sites checkout page where they can select one of the levels (packages) and make payment after which their site is created for them.

    The next step is letting these site owners use their own domains. Follow this guide to install the Domain Mapping plugin first:

    The important part here is that in case of such setup it would be best if you had a dedicated IP for your site. This way it would be easier for users to map domains because they'd only need to set DNS A record to point to your IP and the use "Tools -> Domain Mapping" page in their new sites to actually add the domain. Without the dedicated IP that will be a bit more complex and you will additionally need to add such domain to your server (as parked/add-on domain with proper "root folder" settings).

    Additionally, since you already got Pro Sites installed at this point, you can make Domain Mapping feature available only to selected Pro Sites levels (packages).

    You have mentioned another plugin which is New Blog Templates. That would be a great addition to such setup. The plugin works this way: you, as a super-admin, create a site (that's called 'blog template') with all the configuration etc (you set and configure theme and plugins and can even add some content) and that site is sort of "demo site". You can of course create more of them - multiple different sites. Then, when a user goes to signup for his/her own site, they can choose from those "blog templates" ("pre-made" sites) and their new site will be an exact copy of it. So, in other words, they'll get a ready to use site of their choice.

    my idea is to allow members to have access to other sites depending on their paid membership and even free membership.

    I admit I'm not quite sure what kind of access/setup do you mean here. Please note that Membership 2 Pro is a membership plugin but it's not designed for "managing site admin access to the site". It can protect access to some selected content for users though. I'd need to know a bit more about what exactly are you trying to achieve to give you better explanation on how to do it so let me know some more details, please.

    Kind regards,

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