[Domain Mapping] domain mapping version pushing current site over REST API

In order to get Domain Mapping SSL front page setting working, 4.3.3 version pushed all rest calls being from current website. However, I have a function that calls REST API from another WPMS subdomain. How can I keep my function working? Is there a way to get $this->_add_filter( ‘rest_url’, ‘rest_url_scheme’, 99, 4 ); (filter created at domain-mapping/classes/domainmap/modules/mapping.php, line 149) off while running my function? Or should the rest_url_scheme() (function at mapping/classes/domainmap/modules/mapping.php, line 1430) be improved someway in order to not push every REST API call being from current website? Or could I set my function with a higher priority than the Domain Mapping REST API treatment and get that working alright?

Obs.: my function is actually an action where I register some rest routes. So, I am wondering if I can remove the Domain Mapping rest_url filter there or even overwrite it using another filter with a higher priority. That is the solution that most caught my attention and seems to be well documented here: https://mekshq.com/remove-wordpress-action-filter-class/

However, I am unsure if the remove_filter solution could take out the Domain Mapping rest_url filter forever or just when I call my REST API function, having the rest_url filter being automatically generated again whatever time I request the current domain.

Thank you!