Domain Mapping – Mapped Domains not working w/ WP Super Cache CDN Support

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I have touched on this issue in other threads and am wanting to kinda bring it all together here :slight_smile:

Basically, domains which are mapped with ‘Frontend redirect should be: directed to mapped (primary) domain’ as the setting do not work with the CDN Support offered by Automattic’s WP Super Cache plugin: the mapped domain is not ‘seen’

I noted this recently in a larger bug report thread for DM / – see this post

The CDN Support functionality of WP Super Cache is based on the code from the CDN Linker Master plugin (aka. )

I worked on some things w/ @Sam in the past re. CDN Linker Master and he had this to say about the issue:

Actually the problem is because of a conflict between the DM plugin and CDN Linker plugin u’re using, to overcome the problem i had to modify a line in the CDN Linker plugin to meet your needs ( cdn-linker-base.php:230 ) and used dm_site_url() to get the unmapped site url for the cdn-linker plugin to work properly ( I’ve forced it to use https schema since u’re using https for ur siteurl).

The above was from an old configuration model (https only for login/admin) and is no longer a solution for me.

We had moved on to 100% https (including mapped frontends) in this thread, when we had a server-meltdown and needed to move our operation to a new host :slight_smile:

We are no longer seeking to use the CDN Linker Master on its own.

WP Super Cache in the meantime has been taken on by Automattic directly and has (with a few small changes) kept the CDN Support functionality in place.

We plan to use WP Super Cache on our networks and to recommend for clients generally.

It’d be fantastic to have DM working with the CDN Support :slight_smile:

As a note, I also tested with Donncha’s domain mapping plugin and it also has the same issue w/ WP Super Cache CDN Support – I opened support thread on the issue, located here

Cheers, Max