Domain Mapping

I Have installed the plugin and wish to quickly configure all the settings:
Please see screen shot below:

I need to understand what each variable does. Surely a plugin would give a brief explanation next to each variable or at least point to set up video or document. I have done lots of searches in the wpmudev site and found large longwinded articles. I don't want to read a thesis on it either just a simple setup guide.

  • Umesh

    Thanks for pointing me in the right direction.
    Im still having problems setting this up.

    I use cloud flare and have multiple domains and wish to structure my wpmu site in the following way.

    1. primary domain = my company domain.
    2. root domains = e.g,,
    3. sub domains = e.g,,

    Basically I cannot add the root domain as there is no option for this in 'Add new Site' section.

  • Luís

    Hi Umesh ,

    Hope you're doing well today!

    Firstly, let me clarify one thing.

    Domain Mapping plugin allows you to map TLD's (top level domains) to your subsites. So, instead of using the subdomain or subfolder path (depending on your Multisite install) it will use a TLD.

    1. primary domain = my company domain.
    2. root domains = e.g,,
    3. sub domains = e.g,,

    If you want to give more options to the subsites you will need Multi Domains plugin:

    Multi domains allows you to have more domains options for your subsites. If you add "" and "" your users will be able to choose between both TLD's to create their subsites.

    I noticed these options in the video but I don't see this in my setup. i.e with these option i would be able to add the root domain site/address to my wp-mu. How do I activate?

    If I understood well the question and based on the screenshot you sent, to add/map the domain, please, in the sub site’s dashboard, go to Tools > Domain Mapping.

    I hope this information has been helpful. If I can help you in this or other questions, please let me know!

    Cheers, Luís

  • Umesh

    Good Morning Luis.

    I was almost about to quit on your service and request a full refund win I finally resolved this by chance/fluke. I happened to go to a (sub site by mistake) and then selected domain mapping and the obvious / required settings were their.

    (99% of users have the domain mapping plugin to map multiple TLD's & their respective subdomains). They do not have a magic crystal ball and expect top read 10000 words and not cover the main simple point required to use the plugin.

    Such a simple task that should NOT have to be researched, looked into, trolled through long, convoluted articles, have to contact support and have to wait to resolve whilst my wpmu and all the associated domains sit broke.

    I can see from the articles and your response that you write 2000 words for WPMUDEV SEO ranking.

    I could have provided the installation procedure in 1-2 lines and all users would be happy.
    I recommend WPUDEV considers removing all the junk articles and posts and create one simple document which is precise and straight to the point and written in native UK or USA English! Remember Quality Not quantity! Please share this which your team, learn and improve.

  • Umesh

    PS Thanks Luís,

    However I had already resolved this last night before receiving your message above.
    Also I opened another support ticket which was dealt and closed by your colleague. Please forward this message to her. Rather than writing 1000 words on your procedure she could have written:
    1. Create subdomain e.g
    2. Once propagated, goto Subdomain Wp-admin > Tools > Domain Mapping > Map to TLD

    Also the solution should be at the top of the reply with any special notes highlighted first.

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