Domain Mapping, AJAX, Constantly Slow

So I contacted you all about this 6 months ago and so far no one has actually updated with any fixes, so I am opening a new ticket to see if any one has a fresh idea or opinion on it.

WordPress Multisite with Domain Mapping, have over 250 mapped domains.
It is constantly slow until we deactivate the domain mapping plugin and then activate it again. Lasts maybe 3 hours then gets slow again.
When I login to NewRelic the issue is definitely the Domain Mapping Plugin with /wp-admin/admin-ajax.php resources taking up 99.4% of time.

Server- 32GB RAM, Dedicated, Nginx with Apache

Is there anyway to prevent this as I have been having to reset this plugin every few hours, every day, and every night and I wish there was a way to not have this issue?