Domain Mapping, Analytics, timthumb, and other Questions

Domain Mapping plugin is fantastic! Still trying to wrap my head around some of the more subtle implications and if I'm doing something wrong or if there's an easy solution.

I have my Google Analytics configured to track domain wide (and include but track separately subdomains / blogs). No problem - I can see global stats and individual blog stats.

Enter Domain Mapping. So, now I basically map to a WPMU blog like What happens with Analytics? The rendered pages still include "" in the pageTracker._setDomainName(''); parameter, but the 301s are going to via the Domain Mapper... do the analytics make it into Google? So far I'm not seeing results for either (which I would expect should NOT show up under the profile). But neither am I seeing anaylitics for (since Domain Mapping also translates both ways). ???

Is there a way to use Domain Mapping and still keep analytics consolidated under one profile for ALL blogs including blogs mapped to other domains?

And what about cases where a member owns the domain but pays a fee to map it to Who gets the Analytics? Where (to which domain) do they really go (if anywhere)?

Also, I am seeing some interesting implications between Domain Mapping and templates. For instance, if there are blog-relative URLs specified in meta fields before Domain Mapping (like for pictures or thumbnails) which are acted on by the template (with timthumb.php in this case which is a dynamic thumbnail renderer) they seem to break once Domain Mapping is activated because the template is not aware of the Domain Mapping and can only pass to timthumb.php the original blog site name from the database.

Is this expected behavior? Can it be prevented without having to update all URLs? In some cases with jquery and other tools like timthumb, it's impossible to update the URLs because they are generated on the fly from the WPMU functions / variables employed by the template(s) which don't have any visibility into Domain Mapping.

Does this make any sense? Maybe there's a good workaround some one has figured out before?