Domain Mapping and CommentLuv

CommentLuv doesn't work with sites using Domain Mapping. Below is the question I asked CommentLuv tech and their response. I hope you can help us find a way to use this very popular plugin.

----->My tech support question:
I own a multisite and some of the subdomains are mapped to regular domains.

These sites throw this error:

***It appears that you are offline or another error occured contacting the API url, have you set it to use www or missed the www off the api url?? check the technical settings and add or remove www from the api url.***

I went through other support tickets, but the problem isn't resolved.

(1) https is not being used
(2) API URL is set to no www just as the site is

(3) last, I tried changing the default subdomain URL ( for the mapped domain URL ( but the error is still there.

Please help!

----->CommentLuv response:
this is happening because the request to is being forwarded to which is causing the problem as javascrip cannot do cross domain ajax

this could be caused by your domain mapping plugin or htaccess

sorry but unfortunately domain mapping is something beyond my control

(FTR, the new dark background is hard to read.)