Domain Mapping and Multi Domain Plugin

Re: Domain Mapping and Multi-Domains

Got domain mapping installed ok and working fine on server.

I”m having issue in getting the “multi-domain” installed.

I followed the instruction on uploading it via FTP up until item Step #5…(edit wp-config.php) – define(SUNRISE’, ‘on’:wink:;

-my wp-config.php already has define(SUNRISE’, ‘on’:wink:; in the file as per the Domain Mapping instruction. Its under the WP_DEBUG line.

– the multi-domain instruction is also tell me to add define(SUNRISE’, ‘on’:wink:; but it telling me to add “|” at the end of the line. When i do that I cannot get to the login page anymore. And as well the multi-domain instruction is telling me to add it to a different line.

Please advise what the issue is so I can get the multi-domain installed and working.

P.S. Because i was using domain mapping, i did rename dm_sunrise.php to sunrise.php and uploaded it to /wp-content.

If you need access to my server please let me know.

I hope you can help as I have been trying to trouble shoot this for the last hour.