Domain mapping and multi domains I'm Confused

I'm so Confused this is what I have setup please let me know if I'm ok with this setup. While Domain mapping works I want to make sure I did it correctly.
At I set
DNS Server Settings: Our Servers
Host Records: www A XX.XX.XX.XX (IP of my Dedicated Site
@ A XX.XX.XX.XX (IP of my Dedicated Site
* A XX.XX.XX.XX (IP of my Dedicated Site
then in the sub site put the
it worked had to wait 12 hours for it to work ( I Know this is normal )

Like I said Site loads and shows the url correctly.

Now the Problem in my Mind is Multi-Domain
according the the instructions
I copied over the new SUNRISE and made sure in config define( 'SUNRISE', 'on' ); was defined
at I have hamradiostop configured the same as above A record pointing to Dedicated IP of
I add the domain to multi-domain setting and it says
Wildcard DNS unavailable
Now I get to the part in usage of, add a wildcard subdomain that points to the IP of your WordPress multisite. and a cpanel Pic this pictured in simple DNS Zone Editor.
Hamradiostop is not there so I Parked the domain and checked again and it was there. so now I add the wildcard subdomain in cpanel * and check multi-domains and it changed to Available
Was this the correct way. there is no mention of parking the domain unless I keep missing it.