Domain Mapping and SSLs


I am using the latest version of the domain mapping plugin on a project. I have wildcard SSL enabled for entire network, so all blogs (sub domains) have SSL available, it works great.

My question is, when using the domain mapping plugin, is there a way to "turn off" the domain mapping when running a certain part of a website to force the sub domain to load vs. the mapped domain? When using the mapped domain, it appears to force the mapped domain name, so the SSL on the sub domain is not longer available. So it seems, it's either mapped domain or SSL, take your pick, at least using a Wildcard SSL.

Do you have any suggestions on how to do this, so I can utilize the Wildcard SSL by linking to the subdomain website rather than using the mapped domain? Or a way to tell WP not to use the mapped domain when linking to a page?

Any tips you can provide would be greatly appreciated or if anyone has come across this same issue and has a solution or workaround that I am missing.