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I am using the latest version of the domain mapping plugin on a project. I have wildcard SSL enabled for entire network, so all blogs (sub domains) have SSL available, it works great.

My question is, when using the domain mapping plugin, is there a way to “turn off” the domain mapping when running a certain part of a website to force the sub domain to load vs. the mapped domain? When using the mapped domain, it appears to force the mapped domain name, so the SSL on the sub domain is not longer available. So it seems, it’s either mapped domain or SSL, take your pick, at least using a Wildcard SSL.

Do you have any suggestions on how to do this, so I can utilize the Wildcard SSL by linking to the subdomain website rather than using the mapped domain? Or a way to tell WP not to use the mapped domain when linking to a page?

Any tips you can provide would be greatly appreciated or if anyone has come across this same issue and has a solution or workaround that I am missing.


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    I remember we discussed this idea awhile back. I think Barry was looking at a possible solution for how to do this. Perhaps he can come by and give some insight. I’m honestly not sure how this could be done.

    Any other members have experience on this one?


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    Doing more research, a Multiple Domain Certificates, also called Unified Communications Certificates (UCC) will work… kinda.

    It (UCC) allows for 100 different domains and sub-domains on one IP at the most and it’s pretty darn spendy to purchase for that many domains upfront, but the kicker is, if you don’t go the 100, and only the 10 or 20 pack, 30 pack, etc., then you have to re-install and re-purchase the next size up when you need it… Ouch.

    The only other bad part is, they max out at 100. Then you need another IP / hosting account and another WP Multisite install. If you plan on doing more than 100 sites, this could be a royal pain each time when you max out at 100 domains. Kinda ruins the point of Multisite IMO.

    The cool part is that it will secure up to 100 sub domains or domains. So if you never plan to have more than 100 websites that run an SSL this may be an option for you.

    So, I am still thinking the best way (and most affordable for the majority) would somehow be able just simply tell the domain mapping to turn off and load the sub-domain when an SSL is needed. Then everyone who needs to do this can use a Wildcard SSL. They allow unlimited sub-domains and are much less expensive.

    I have used this cool plugin in the past that forces SSL for a page based on a custom field “force_ssl”

    It works great, but only loads the current domain in SSL.

    Perhaps I could suggest a new plugin be created for WPMU Dev Premium members with a custom field to “force_domain_mapping_off” that would turn off domain mapping and load the current page in SSL. I am not sure if that is possible from the coding side, but from the Multisite admin side, it sounds great to me.

    Most carts (marketpress) use pages so this custom field could be added to checkout and other cart pages and provide instant SSL if a wildcard SSL is installed on the parent blog and the domain mapping on these pages was forced to turn off.

    The Force SSL plugin I mentioned

    Thanks Mason!

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