Domain mapping and Subdirectory site Unity

I have a website where I intend building landing pages for a few business . i have an issue that i need help with. let's assume root website is. and a business registers on the site as xyz.
the the url of that business will be
Then a user decides to map a domain to
i want any visitor to be able to access the same site using urls and without any redirection is this possible. Is this possible and how can I go about this.? Your support is most appreciated

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    Hello Michael

    I hope you're well today!

    WordPress has built-in domain mapping feature and to use it you just need to go to "Sites" section of the Network Admin, click on "Edit" for the sub-site in question and edit its URLs there.

    This, however, has certain limitations and means that such site with a mapped domain will only be accessible via such mapped domain. We had a Domain Mapping plugin in the past that was giving you much more options - including mapping multiple domains to one sub-site, deciding whether users should be redirected or the "domain provided by the user" should be used (so the one the user put in the address bar) and so on.

    While the plugin should still be working fine it's no longer developed so please try it on your own risk (you'll find it on our GitHub account here ) but I must say I'm not aware of any other plugins still under active development that would let you do it.

    With WordPress itself, that's also not possible "out of the box" and making it work this way might be a bit tricky and would require custom developed code, I'm afraid. Other than this, either setting up domain aliases/forwards on the server or just redirecting domains is the way to go, in my opinion.

    Best regards,

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