Domain Mapping - Auto Login Cross Domain - s2Member Interaction

I've got a client that has setup a network of sites and I'm looking to convert that into multisite so they can be interconnected and I can also offload some of the processing of a single site so it doesn't need so many stinking plugins on a single install.

The domain mapping is great and the cross site login is great too. However I did a ton of testing and as soon as I activate s2member this functionality stops.

So if I turn off Asynchronous Login the console shows the login operation as|1489579628|ATPcmWNZqwZzEnrc5UPd0tbHq6QS8KPlnro9y2kL34t|1804ebe7dc6c2629e6e5492a0a054e4e305d528e22520083d3a668070c00ace2

And this is without s2Member active when its functioning fine. However, after activating s2Member the request is different.

This url also sends the cookies wordpress_test_cookie:"Wp+cookie+check" and user login information it returns nothing.

I don't know what the disconnect is between the Auto Login and s2Member, only that it exists. So I'm trying to find a workaround here and was hoping someone smarter than me might have some details they can share.