Domain Mapping BEFORE DNS Propagation

Hi there,
On my Multi-site install I generally map the subblog to the domain at the same time I change the nameservers for the domain, this gives me zero downtime during the DNS propagation.
However I've just noticed that the current version of the domain mapping plugin has a warning that wont let me map the domain if it doesnt pass health check.
This results in me needing to hover over this panel waiting for propagation to come through so I can set this and not have any visitors get my 'greetings site admin, we are currently allowing no registrations' message...
Currently I have a client site I just completed and the client gave me the 'OK' to launch, I've changed the nameservers over and from my cellphone the new dns loads sending me to my parent blog and on my desktop when trying to map the domain it hasn't propagated there yet so I can't map it.
The whole 'no mapping until dns is propagated' is very unhelpful in my situation. I'd like to set the domain mapping on the subblog before initiating the dns propagation so I have no downtime on the clients live domain switching from their old site to their new site.
I understand that domain mapping before the dns propagates makes the subblog inaccessable when accessed by the domain (because it hasn't propagated yet) but the clients live site is more important..
Anyway, I gutted the plugin so this could happen, I would like to see an 'override' or something in future releases to fix this.


  • Erik

    Hi there,
    Awesome, thanks for getting this added as a request.

    Yes, I understand that I can use the site as normal before domain mapping. I think you've misunderstood me; I'm trying to create a seamless transition of the clients domain from pointing to their old site to pointing to their new site on my network install. By not allowing me to map the domain until dns has propagated their is significant downtime unless I sit and constantly refresh the domain mapping settings page. Even then DNS propagation doesnt happen at the same rate and the same time on all isps; the clients domain can be loading to the new nameservers on one isp before domain mapping panel allows me to set the domain map, this means that visitors are getting MY site instead of the clients old OR new site. Make sense?

    Waiting to domain map until after propagation makes a seamless shift of the domain from the old site to the new site impossible without there being an interim where the parent site loads due to the wildcard dns.

    The idea being that If I am launching a new build to replace a clients existing site, I'd like to map the domain on my end THEN shift the dns so that their is zero downtime, the domain would flicker between old site and new site until it is fully propagated and showing the new site. By waiting for the dns to propagate before adding the domain mapping there is downtime where the clients domain loads MY website due to the wildcard dns; meaning not a seamless transition.. make sense?

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