Domain Mapping Blank Sites

I have a test site (because I can't get it working on the actual live site).

I have set up the mu site, and tried adding

The page is blank, I can't see the dashboard, also blank. I have installed it as per instructions, but what I am not clear about, is the settings for the a/cname etc. the options I have, don't have the same options as listed in your instructions.

The domain name is with - I have these options:

modify nameservers
modify nameservers
add nameserver
use discountdomains nameservers
modify zone
modify A/MX/TXT records
set up url forwarding

under Modify a/mx/txt records, i have > IPv4 (A) > our ip > IPv4 (A) > our ip

I added :
* > IPv4 (A) > our ip > IPv4 (A) > our ip