Domain Mapping - Cpanel Default Page


I'm having an issue with domain mapping. I've read through lots of older threads about this, but nobody seems to clearly outline the issue. I suspect its at the server due to WHM / Cpanel account management.

I have a dedicated server at ServInt, my multisite is on a dedicated IP using SSL and I use the /folder option for each install as registered.

I'm testing out mapping a domain to a folder install to ensure it works, and well... the domain lands with a cpanel default homepage:

Without mapping, everything works perfectly, i.e. (The above mapping is trying to override /myptsd and not the /ptsd example above).

I've read about parking domains, and I do not believe this plugin requires that, as I do not want to be manually parking client domains once I go live.

So... I have my test domain at Godaddy. I've tried using the dedi IP only, the name server IP + dedi IP in A Name, I have both + name servers used... nothing changes from just using the dedi IP alone, being I get a cpanel homepage.

Is this a WHM setting that can be deactivated? Or there this something more complicated?

Help please.