Domain Mapping - created A record but still doesn't work

Multisite installed at (

Subsites setup,example:

Created A record for @

Attempt to map to and get the DNS error.

  • Alexander
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    I just checked, and your A record is working. This is probably happening because WordPress isn't the default site for your IP.

    For example, you can go to these links and get the same page.

    You have a different "default site" If WordPress was the default site, it would load directly from the IP address - and would also load directly from any domains pointing to it. This is how using the A record works.

    What you'll also need to do here is add the second domain to your server as an add-on domain, and set the "document root" to the same location as your WordPress site.

    Basically you want all domains to find there way to the WordPress index.php file. Then Domain Mapping can identify which domain is being used, and load the correct site accordingly.

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