domain mapping & dedicated IP questions

Ok, so I’ve installed DomainMapping on

I have a site called Strivin2BeGreen which currently is at I’m assuming what domain mapping will do, is that if someone goes to, then they will end up going to but they will experience it as if it is its own web site.

So once I’ve dl and installed it, I see some instructions. One of which is that I need a dedicated IP. I checked with the server and they said my dedicated IP is When I go there directly by browser, nothing shows up but a splash page. Your instructions says

when you enter the IP you see your multisite. This is known as the DocumentRoot for the IP, your host will be able to sort this quickly and easily.


1. Is the the one I am supposed to use in step 1 of the DomainMaping instructions? Or something different? Is it going to cost me more if different? Or is it just impossible to do with my particular hosting company (they are not too helpful with anything like this in the past).

2. I have the domain strivin2begreen registered with a different registrar than the one my sites are hosted at, to save on costs. I am aware that I can change the NS to my hosted account, but will having the registration elsewhere created problems with setting up domain mapping?

I have not moved sunrise.php or made anychanges to the wp-config.php file yet (which I really hate doing coding stuff as it is nerve-wrecking).

So those are my questions for now, and am I on the right track with this?