Domain mapping directs site to pricing page rather than home page

Hi there,

I have tried my luck at domain mapping but seem to have made an error somewhere.

I have a multisite that uses subdomains. I have created a site on the multisite, lets call "" and have a domain name called that I would like to map to the multisite url of

When I activated the domain mapping it automatically gave me an ip address which is different to my server ip (I am using cloudlfare so that MAY be it).

I then setup the new on cloudflare and it gave a different IP address than the one above. I tried to copy and paste the above IP in and it returned an error saying invalid ipv4. So then I copied in my actual server IP address and left it to propogate.

Now when I type in the url for it directs me straight to the pricing page of my main multisite and not to the mapped domain.

I hope I am making sense here as this has confused me.

Any ideas?