Domain mapping - disable by default?

So, I've got the WHMCS WordPress provisioning working, but when it creates a site, it automatically maps the domain name by default. In most cases the domain name isn't active or transfered yet, so I'd like domain mapping to be active on the multisites for sites that are using it, but for new sites to not have an active domain mapping entry by default (even when it's entered in WHMCS). Any ideas?

- fox jones

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    Hi @fox_jones

    Welcome to the community.

    I think if you tick the box that says 'User domain mapping' (option 3) in the options for the domain mapping, this should be what you require, it will then mean that the user will have to set his domain mapping up once his site is created.

    hope this helps. if you require any further advice, please don't hesitate to ask.


  • Vaughan
    • Support/SLS MockingJay

    hiya @fox_jones

    ignore my previous post, that was from a different plugin entirely. sorry for the confusion.

    i understand what you're trying to do, unfortunately, that is not in the scope of this plugin, due to it automatically mapping the domain.

    However I will suggest adding a new feature that the network admin can set so the automatic domain mapping can be disabled, & then in the users subsite a button can then be displayed in the sites admin bar which the admin of that site can click to manually enable domain mapping for that site, until that is clicked, the site would be using it's original domain.

    I've discussed this with a few other support staff & we feel would be the best solution to this issue. it is getting to be quite a common question.


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    I created a button called "Go Live" in my user dashboard on the frontend of the website. Using BuddyPress/ Blogs section. When they are ready to "hook" it up to the domain name, they can hit the button and it flips the "Active" to 1 in the database. They can take the site down but clicking it again.

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