Domain Mapping doesn't show sites in network mapped, resolves DNS cannot be found


I am running an MultiSite network on live and staging. In live, everything seems to work fine. In staging, recently something must have changed and now my staging sub sites are not available. I don’t know what happened, but I may have network deactivated domain mapping and it seems the mappings may have been lost. Not sure. Is there any way to trigger mapping again for sites in the network?

I can give you access to the admin to review.

Here’s a link to a subsite in staging that was live a few weeks ago, but now does not resolve.

But, the first site in the network, resolves correctly.

  • Luís
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    Hi Anthony ,

    Hope you’re doing well today!

    Have you checked the “wp-config.php” and “.htaccess” to confirm that all configurations were added properly? Please compare with the configurations in network admin panel -> Settings -> Network Setup.

    Also, have you checked the Wildcard subdomain to confirm that was configured properly and pointing to the same folder location where your wp-config.php file is located?

    Cheers, Luís

  • Anthony
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    I noticed that when I trigger a new site in my staging environment, it does not register the new site in the domain mapping plugins domain mapping tab. I tested this over and over again with multiple plugins that I thought might conflict turned off.

    I also see someone from WPMU Dev did a test site. That site did not register in the domain mapping table of the database, nor did any of my newer test sites, which I have since deleted.

    Here are two screenshots:

    1. You can see the blogs table with different blogs registered.

    But, I just can’t seem to navigate to any of the new Sites Dashboard or Visit Site to do anything.

    Could this be a WP Engine issue in staging?

    I also noticed that blogs.dir has no sub folders.

  • Anthony
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    I think we found the issue. When you have a multisite network on WP Engine, if the Utilities admin does not have multisite enabled, then you have to enable it AND ask them to flag for multisite and enable wildcard subdomains on staging for you.

    If you migrated a multisite network to WP Engine prior to them enabling the one-click multisite feature in their Utilities panel, then you’re likely to see that it’s disabled, even though your multisite works. When you then switch it on to be compliant with their admin tools, you then have to notify them to do the wildcard in staging.

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