[Domain Mapping] Domain mapping breaks Divi visual builder

Hello team,
I am experiencing the same issue as described here:

It seems that the force https function of the domain mapping plugin breaks the divi visual builder when loading. Can you please provide a fix for this?
Thank you,

  • Adam Czajczyk

    Hello Ricardo Valdes Brito

    I hope you're well today and thank you for your question!

    There's an update on its way that I believe should fix that. It's undergoing tests currently so I hope, if it passes the tests, it should be released soon.

    Let me know please if you'd like to give it a try as well and I'll share a beta release with you but please note that it's a "beta" at this moment so it's a risk if testing on a live site so it might be better to give it a go in some staging/dev environment.

    Kind regards,

  • Audra @Zindo

    Hey Predrag,

    I've been having the same issue with Divi Builder and Domain Mapping. So in the short term and on my live site I went down a version of the domain mapping and it's been working.

    I tried the updated version on my staging site and it still didn't work. But did just try your beta zip file above and it did allow the divi builder to load.

    So that's good. I'll wait to hear back from you all that it's ready, but I think you've got it from what i can see so far.


  • dscheri


    It does work - I tried to edit my post from yesterday but obviously not successfully. I am sorry for the confusion, there were so many different things happening at the same time for many days until we found the cause and were able to fix it with your help. People from the hosting company, web designers, implementers and technical supports were all looking and making different suggestions. No easy task to sort that out. But I am happy to report that there are no isssues at present.

    Is there any info what the technical background of this error is? How can a domain mapping tool which seems so innocent cause this much trouble (for many days in our case)? This ecosystem of hosters, theme companies, plugin sellers, designers etc. is really more fragile then I thought it would be. Initially we only used wpmudev products including upfront so that we would not face these issues. But as upfront did not deliver and was discontinued, we had to change to Divi -> and soon enough the first major incident happened. This is probably unavoidable given this heterogeneous software world, but I am unsure at present how we should position ourselves in the future to protect us as much as possible from events like this.

    For us the business case to adopt wpmudev was: "avoiding trouble as all parts are from one source and tested". But this proposition obviously breaks the moment you have to use outside software components such as Divi, and Divi is no small treat, it is an important market player.

    Perhaps wpmudev can again regain its lead and USP by telling us what components we can use to avoid these kind of issues which are costly indeed. Does Mr. Farmer have any comments?

    I am still a big fan of the concepts of wpmudev - but more cautious now.

    with best regards,

    Gerold Porenta

    • Predrag Dubajic

      Hi Gerold,

      Glad to hear that the beta worked for you as well in the end.

      The thing was that there was an SSL issue, however since Domain Mapping is quite a specific plugin and it also depends on other factors like server setup and how some plugins/themes are working so even when the issue was confirmed it wasn't happening on all installations.
      This makes it harder to debug and also can be missed during the QA process even tho each release is tested on different setups, with all the possible combinations out there it's impossible to test it all.

      We do offer Snapshot plugin as a backup solution which can be used to restore your site to the previous state in case that anything goes wrong after the update.
      We also strongly suggest having a staging site where you would perform the update first, regardless if it's a theme, plugin or WordPress update, and make sure that everything is working properly there before updating your live site.
      When you update anything you can never be 100% sure that the update will work properly on your server setup, or if the update will cause conflict with another plugin or theme that's used on your site.

      Best regards,

  • Dan Berdal

    Also testing the beta version linked here, and although it does seem to fix the mixed content errors it causes a new problem.

    Currently I run https on my root site, but not yet all mapped domains.
    ONLY in the beta version if you access https://rootdomain.com/subsite will it redirect to https://subsite-mapped-domain.com

    Previous versions would correctly redirect https://roodomain.com/subsite to http://subsite-mapped-domain.com

    This doesn't happen in or any other version I've tested. Unfortunately I'm now all the way back to for all the http / https redirecting to work correctly.

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