[Domain Mapping] Domain Mapping Cloudflare support

Add Cloudflare support to domain mapping so when an end user purchases their domain a CloudFlare account is automatically created for them.

I see this feature creating a Cloudflare account for the user or adding the user's new domain to an existing account if they have one already. It should set the enom domain nameservers to the cloudflare zone and on cloudflare point the domain to the active IP address. Plus turn on auto HTTPS settings in cloudflare.

This will enable those acting as a hosting providers or agencies to more efficiently setup new clients and domains with https quickly and painlessly.

While there are other ways to do SSL for clients sites we have found Cloudflare to be the easiest solution for us and our clients. Example we run multiple servers on different sides of the country. This can cause problems for SSL. (one client, one website, two servers the site could come from and SSL should be unique to a server.) but not for Cloudflare. 2 servers, 3, 4 doesn't matter because the server is not handling the ssl.

And the best part it Leaves it so we are not worrying about client SSL's.

Hope more support.