[Domain Mapping] Domain Mapping issue

My site at truthtotable.com/crashcourses will not validate in Domain Mapping despite it propagating here: https://dnschecker.org/#A/theinfluencertable.com/

Support access through the WPMUDev dashboard is already activated.

Note: My DNS is ONLY resolving correctly when I Pause Cloudflare settings, but my A record is correctly pointed. I've been working on this problem for days and really need help resolving it.

PS: It seems your Live Chat is not working anymore.

  • jnkfrancis
    • Recruit

    Hi Travis,

    Domain Mapping with Cloudflare is a little complicated. We have some resources here that might be helpful going forward. That said even with Cloudflare turned off, your domain is resolving to the right IP address, but your server is not assigning the domain to your root folder.

    In order for Domain Mapping to work, your domain needs to be pointed at your root folder, at which point the Domain Mapping plugin picks it up and assigns it to the properly mapped subsite.

    One solution is to add your new domain as a parked domain on your primary domain. That way the domain will be directed to your root folder. That will get your site working right now and will also make sure that your new domain is picked up by your Autossl (currently it is not secure and puts up a warning page). I'm not sure what hosting provider you use, but if you are using cPanel you will find that option under Domains > Aliases.

    Then regarding Cloudflare, it would be a good idea to take a look at these threads here:



    They will give you more insight into setting up your domain mapping to work with Cloudflare.

    If you follow the steps in those tickets you should find yourself on the right track.



  • Predrag Dubajic
    • Support

    Hi Travis,

    I wanted to follow up here on this issue:

    PS: It seems your Live Chat is not working anymore.

    Live Chat service has been having some issues last few days but everything should be sorted out now.
    If you're still having issues with chat can you please tell us which browser and OS you are using so we can investigate this further?

    Best regards,

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