[Domain Mapping] domain mapping needs work asap and repeats 100's of queries, please fix asap

Using query monitor quickly reveals the following filters need immediate attention:

in the file classes/Domainmap/Module/Mapping.php
function admin_url is repeating the same query, its a pretty basic request, why not save the result somewhere, I'm confused. Additionally can this: $this->use_ssl() choice just be hard coded in the wp-config?
+150 queries as a result

Now lets look at:
function swap_root_url

It has this line:

$domain = self::utils()->get_mapped_domain(false, !is_admin());

and it make this request 21 extra times, is it possible save the result during each page load and then not re-request the result so many times, or is there a condition during the page load where the result might change?