Domain Mapping - driving me crazy. Please help.

Hi, I've installed Domain Mapping as per the instructions, made the changes to wp-config.php and replaced sunrise.php. my network domain is and is resolves to the IP My Multisite is hosted on Amazon Web Services via Bitnami.

The domain is resolving to the IP address as per above. However, the network is not picking up the domain.

The domain tool did not resolve the name to the IP, even though I new it as correct.

It's driving me crazy and it's essential that this is sorted as I can't operate without this functionality.

Please help. I have provided access for you to have a look around.


  • Timothy Bowers

    Hey there,

    As per the usage instructions:

    Dedicated IP: For using A Record setups, you need to ensure you have a dedicated IP. This IP would fall onto your multisite setup. i.e. when you enter the IP you see your multisite. This is known as the DocumentRoot for the IP, your host will be able to sort this quickly and easily.

    When I enter your IP address:

    I get a Congratulations page, not your WordPress multisite installation. The IP address needs to load your multisite installation for this to work.

    Once that's fixed up it should work. Let us know how you get on.

    Take care.

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