Domain Mapping / eNom Purchase Flow and Price?


I’m setting up Pro Sites and the Domain Mapping for a client, and I have a few questions about the purchase flow and how to set the price for domains.

1) The client wants people to be able to choose a domain and register it as part of the Pro Sites signup process, just as people do when signing up for typical web hosting. However I don’t see any provision for this in the Domain Mapping plugin. It seems that the only way is for someone to sign up for a Pro Sites plan, then later go back and buy a domain from within their Dashboard. Is that the only way?

2) I can’t find any way to set the domain pricing. In the Dashboard, the user is presented with the option to buy a domain for $39.95 (which is way more than needs to be charged). But that price isn’t set in eNom (the price there is much lower). So, since the plugin is connected to the client’s eNom account via API, why isn’t it pulling in the pricing? I couldn’t find any documentation on this at all.

Thanks and best regards,