Domain Mapping failing on one blog...

Hi there,

I'm running into some issues with the Domain Mapping plugin; well, I can't say for sure that the plugin is the culprit - it's also possible that it's user error. :slight_smile:

Here's the setup: We're running Multisite on a virtual server in which host headers are manually set for each domain. I've successfully setup 30+ blogs so far, and have run into an issue with just a couple of domains. Everything has been triple checked - DNS is pointing fine, there are no spelling errors, the site seems to be properly setup in multisite.

I've been mapping the domains as follows: first enter the non www version of the domain (, click Update, then add in the www version, click Update. For some reason, the end result is mapped to, as opposed to (the network domain and associated folder, where it should go).

I've tried to delete the domain map on this particular domain to start fresh, but it seems as if it doesn't completely remove itself, which I think may be part of the problem.

Can someone please assist? I'd be happy to provide more details, logins, etc.

Thanks in advance,