Domain Mapping Fails on New Blog


This issue is occurring on a WP4.52 multisite network. We are running all the latest updates of all plugins.

I created a new blog on our network and mapped a custom domain to it.

The new domain has a wildcard A record and an @ A record configured for the server IP.

I waited 3 days before mapping the domain to the target subsite in order to allow for propagation.

The new domain is now mapped to the subsite; however, all visits to the custom domain are directed to the main network site rather than the target subsite.

This is the expected behavior of any domain with a wildcard A record and @ A record pointed to the server IP address BEFORE the domain is mapped to a target subsite.

The fact that mapping the domain does not change this behavior suggests that Domain Mapping may not be properly working its magic on this new subsite.

I have compared all settings on the new subsite to sites where domain mapping does function properly and I cannot seem to locate a difference that might be the cause of this issue.

What value in which database table do I need to confirm that is responsible for correctly redirecting to the target subsite?

Any assistance would be appreciated.

Phil D