domain mapping failure & redirect loop

I am pretty sure these two issues are tied together, but I am not sure how!

1. Trying to (re)map the domain to and I keep getting a failure message. :unamused: DOES point to the main domain My other mapped domains work fine, HOWEVER the "health status" is questionable. I have gone into my domain hosting & cpanel settings and double checked that they are all identical. It should be noted at one time this all worked great and last week things got really crazy.

2. At the same time, ALL OF A SUDDEN I am getting a redirect loop when I try to access my multisite network dashboard from my main site IF domain mapping is turned on. Working with techsupport from my hosting company we tried this fix (, but no luck.

Maybe the two are connected maybe not, either way I need help!!!

p.s. - also last week I had a HUGE surge of CPU usage and as fixes we slowed down the WPHeartbeat and installed a CronJob from CPanel which limits it to every 30 minutes.