Domain Mapping for Multisite Installation

We have installed multisite in our existing WordPress installation and have created network site as sub domain but when i go to check the site it is not showing anything? Should i configure something for subdomain and also we want to map the network child site to another domain which is not hosted into same hosting. Please guide us to get the solution. I have already installed your domain mapping plugin and multi domain plugin. Is something we are missing with sub domain? I guess i am missing with sub domain configuration before going multi site?
this is our network site address and when we visit the site it shows not found:

this is our mail site:

This domain we want to point to child site in mutisite:

  • Dimitris

    Hey there Pedro Silva,

    hope you're doing good and thanks for reaching us!

    Let's take all these one by one.
    First of all, you should be able to create a subdomain WP multisite without any other plugins, so feel free to deactivate any other plugins until your network is up and running as should be. :wink:

    Here's the basic instructions for creating your network

    As you choose subdomain, you should add a wildcard DNS record for your main domain name like
    * CNAME
    As long as this DNS setting is propagated then you should be able to access every subsite of your installation.

    As far as I can see, both main site ( and subsite ( are currently accessible. The issue with the later is that you are using a SSL certificate which seems to not be wildcard, meaning that isn't valid for subdomains but only for the main domain name.
    If these subsites are going to be mapped later on, there's no need to upgrade your SSL certificate, just the mapped domains should have their own SSL if needed as each certificate is bind to a specific domain name.

    Now, for mapping your subsites, you should only need the Domain Mapping plugin as it's subdomain and subdirectory compatible. As you can see in it's detailed usage page here, after installing it (it needs couple more steps to be made), you should edit the DNS records for the mapped domain so that the A record should point to the IP of the multisite installation like A
    When this DNS setting is propagated (30' ~ 48h), then should display what the subdomain site ( does.

    Having said that, please inform me on the exact steps that have been made so far, and if more assistance is required, please consider granting us with support access to your multisite installation via the "WPMUDEV Dashboard" plugin as described here in order to inspect your settings. :slight_smile:

    Warm regards,

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