Domain Mapping for Nginx, could it be automatically be placed, please advised

I'm trying to use Domain Mapping for Nginx, it works great here.

This is what I did.
1) Of course, I have installed the domain mapping plugin via the dashboard and configure all the sunrise.php setup and change the domain name server to point to my website.

2) Then it points to the setup page for the nginx, but not the mapped subdomain (and yes, I have waited for more than 48 hours for the domain name propagation here)

My Solution for 2) is that I have to go to /etc/nginx/sites-available/multisites.conf and add the new domain ( eg. Site_ID:wink: everytime I need to add a domain mapping.

My Question

Is there a more automated solution to this matter? (would you mind to share) or did I not properly configure it somewhere to make it fully automated?

Please help.

Thank you very much in advanced.