[Domain-Mapping] GitHub Tutorial to update legacy plugins

Now that we have to go to GitHub to get critical updates for legacy plugins, I request the Blog write an article showing step by step how to do that.
I have a GitHub account and cloned the domain-mapping project. I am trying to follow the READMW.md file. Actually this one doesn't seem to complex but I am also using events_and_bookings which required me to install python but I got a lot of errors.

  • Nithin
    • Support Wizard

    Hi Eric,

    The installing, and updating the plugins would be the same way how a plugin would normally be updated manually via FTP. That's it'll require manually downloading the zip file, and overwriting plugin folder via FTP.

    In general, all the zip files downloaded from Github will have a slug "master" to the zip files. You'll have to make sure to rename the plugin folder downloaded from Github from "domain-mapping-master" to "domain-mapping", and then following the given article should help with updating the plugins.


    The same goes for Events+ plugin too. I gave a quick test with Events+ and Domain Mapping plugin, and it seems to work with the mentioned steps.

    There shouldn't be any extra steps in general other than that. Please do check and let us know what other instructions are you expecting, or issues you notice to be specified in a blog, so this could be brought into our team's attention too.

    Kind Regards,

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