Domain mapping goes to a blank page


I’m making some test with domain mapping but without success for the moment.

I’ve tried with another plugin before, redirecting through de ANAME and now I’ve tried with your own plugin redirecting through A with a dedicated IP (, but the result is the same, it goes to a blank page as you can see here:

What I’ve done:

1 – I asked for a dedicated IP for the domain to my host (which is,

2 – I’ve added to wp-config.php the: define( ‘SUNRISE’, ‘on’ );,

3 – I’ve moved sunrise.php to the wp-content folder,

4 – I’ve entered in the domain mapping of the subdomain (a test sub domain) the following:

-> custom domain: http// (it doesn’t show the www)

-> Original Blog Address:

5 – on my domain name I added a redirrection by IP to

6- I’ve waited a couple of hours.

But the result is this one:

And now, when I go to, I’m redirected to

So I’m pretty sure I did something wrong but I can’t see what…

Could you please help me ?

Thank you,