Domain Mapping / Gravity Forms conflict

Hi WPMUdev ninjas,

First of all, I've also opened a priority ticket with Gravity forms as I'm not sure which is the culprit here.

Also, I had a similar problem with WPMU/GF in this topic where the form totally disappeared. It may be of relevance?:


Anyway, the problem:

Culprit page:

Where it says "You must be logged in to access this feature" is normally where the form I've set up would show, unfortunately, when domain mapping is enabled and configured (as it is currently; pointing to then the form no longer shows.... Even if you are indeed logged in.

If I remove the domain mapping (but leave it enabled) it's fine, so there's obviously something about mapping the domain that seems to be causing the problem.

Again I'm not sure if this should be a GF ticket or a WPMUdev ticket but I thought I'd post it to you both just in case. Please let me know if the problem is on the other end :slight_smile: