[Domain Mapping] how do I domain mapping and multi domain

how do I domain mapping and multi domain

I have blog.credt do I do multi domains on a folder blog.credit/site/

I dont know how or what this is?

  • Adam Czajczyk
    • Support Gorilla

    Hello crystal

    I hope you’re having a nice day!

    I’ll be more than happy to assist you with this but I could use some additional explanation as it’s not all clear to me.

    I understand that the “blog.credit” is main domain of your Multisite (where the main site of your Multisite is). It’s a sub-folder based Multisite install, so all the sites on it are like: “blog.credit/site1”, “blog.credit/site2” and so on, is that correct?

    Then you mention two plugins that are a bit different. Domain Mapping allows you to “map a top level domain” to sub-sites of your multisite so, for example, “blog.credit/site1” can become “supersite.com” and “blog.credit/site2” can become “othersite.net” etc.

    The Multi-domains plugin is something else. Without it, whenever you create a new sub-site on your Multisite it’s always using your main domain: i.e “blog.credit/site1”, “blog.credit/site2”. With Multi-Domains you can add additional top level domains to choose from. As a result while your main site is still “blog.credit”, a sub-site can be “anotherdomain.com/site1”, “otherdomain.net/site2” etc – so the site is create under selected domain of choice.

    Taking that into account, could you please explain what exactly do you wish to achieve with your Multisite? How should that work in terms of site creation and domains?

    Let me know please and I’ll be glad to provide you with more detailed help.

    Best regards,


    • crystal
      • Flash Drive

      wow you do know what I am talking about. that is amazing said so clear to me.

      yes my domain is https://blog.credit I want to set up special niche sites for my clients to run without them need to setup a product line for membership pro 2 dripping off my content I already have articles, niche sites, ebooks etc to go on this created site using the blog template, content copier, and membership pro 2 for clients that like to do drip memberships. also the marketplace setup, and coursepress to setup my web design or programmer video tutorials with ebooks. I have big dreams but just getting it started again after a brain disorder for a few years could not function, I went with herbal remedies if you know what I am saying:slight_smile: it does work all just make a note of that. so I have to learn it all again.

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