Domain Mapping HTTPS problem

Hi, I noticed some wrong behaviour while using your Domain Mapping plugin. My main domain, and all the subdomains are running over HTTPS, that works great, all the domains are green in the browser. All the subsites are mapped to a unique domain using your DM plugin, these works great!
I experienced the problem on the main site itself, on the frontend, when I installed a Cookie Notice plugin. It is using the admin_url() function to get the ajax url of the site, that is returning http constantly.

I tried to debug the plugin files, and figured out, it may thinks there is a domain is mapped to the main site:
$front_type = self::utils()->get_frontend_redirect_type(); in line 243, Mapping.php
returns 'mapped' . There is no domain mapped to the main site, since the menu item in Tools is not available at all, only for subsites.
I think this behaviour causes the problem in the use_ssl() function ~line 320:
$use_ssl = domain_map::utils()->force_ssl_on_mapped_domain($mapped_domain, true);

So all the admin_url-s on frontend are HTTP, not HTTPS, that is causing Mixed Content errors at some cases. I also notice this behaviour on the admin bar while I'm on the frontend: menu items there (like Edit Page, etc.) are HTTP, while these are all HTTPS on the Admin.

You can see this in the JS console while clicking on the 'Elfogadom' button on the Cookie Notice bar.

Could you please help me to fix this issue? Let me know if you need further details.

Thanks in advance!
Regards, Levi