Domain Mapping in BuddyPress Child Theme

I am using WPMUDEV Domain Mapping plugin for a site using a BuddyPress child theme and I'm having trouble getting the BuddyPress component areas of the site to recognize the mapped domain.

1. The Domain Mapping plugin has been installed successfully. I know this because I can manually type in the URL and it resolves correctly to the groups area of BuddyPress.

2. In non-BuddyPress areas of the site, if a link is published as, the Domain Mapping kicks-in and automatically maps to

Issue #1: All of the links within the BuddyPress area of the site (e.g. Forum, Members, Topics) output as URLs instead of links. And, unlike the non-BuddyPress areas of the site, the Domain Mapping does not automatically redirect the links to the mapped URL.

Issue #2: A user can log in successfully via the mapped or non-mapped domain. However, they are only logged in for the address of where they signed in. For example, if they log in at they also have to sign in again at Once you log in to both the subdomain and mapped domain you have to log out of both as well.

Question #1: Is there something I should hard-code into my BuddyPress installation to make it output the mapped domain URL? For example, can I change a variable such as get_bloginfo('url') in bp-custom.php to "force" the correct domain address?

Question #2: Should the cross-domain cookie feature of your plugin resolve the login issue that is occurring and detect whether a user was logged in at or

Thank you in advance for any feedback. Please let me know if I can provide additional details.