Domain Mapping infinite loop when logged in on main site

Hi guys,

I am using Domain Mapping plugin.

I have a problem about infinite redirect loop on my mapped domain.

When I am logged in on my main site , then I try to visit my mapped domain, it seems that I am getting an infinite loop.

But when I try to log out on my main site, I can view my mapped domain successfully.

Another instance is that when I logged in on my mapped domain, I don’t get that infinite loop.

So basically it only happens when I logged in on my main site.

So it’s like, my main site is: and I logged in there as an admin, then when I go to my mapped domain which is , I am getting that infinite loop.

What seems to be the problem here? Any help on this please, your help will be greatly appreciated!

Let me know if I lack any details and I’ll provide it right away.

Thanks! :slight_smile: