domain mapping issue with a name record on this subdomain install


I used domain mapping here for a couple of sites on this multisite installed on a subdomain install on

The root site is and the subsites in quesiton are scottishslimmers and idealwindows.

The main issue I have to address is that we set up with an aname record pointing to the ip address, then mapped it into, so that works from there..

The issue is that if you type in it resolves to the main site.. because of the aname mapping

Is there any way to get this to not do that... the customer is not happy...

We had to do this domain mapping on the /marketingsuite multisite as the main site is not a WordPress site and the customer site was not WordPress either...

I have given you access so you can have a look.

We are using these as landing pages for advertising campaigns and only the /marketingsuite version of the customer domain is used in banner ad links but they are still not happy that the maps back to the agency site...